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Looking for a place where you can relax, enjoy your garden and its beauty but unpredictible weather will never let you? Do not be limited by wind and rain, enjoy the maximum benefits of sliding patio enclosure from ALUKOV. CORSO patio cover allows you to use your veranda all year round. The main advantage - retractibility - enables you to completely slide the enclosure open in nice weather. This way you can enjoy your patio in any weather throughout the year. That is why this enclosure is a unique solution for your patio. Lean-to structure with vertical walls allows you to maximalise the interior space of the enclosure and increase its usability. Whole enclosure works on two rails – one is mounted on the house and one on the ground. Thanks to those rails you can slide each section in both directions. Only this way you can enjoy your patio in sunny days as well as when it rains. There are endless uses of the patio enclosure – you can create a new smoking room, covered outdoor dining area or simply storage space. Using patio enclosure CORSO significantly reduces heat loss and contributes to savings in heating cost.



Extend your terrace season with Pergolas from Alukov. There are three models - fixed Alukov Pergola, multifunctional bioclimatic Pergola Venti and bioclimatic Pergola SPA.



Do you like the idea of a swimming pool enclosure and all its benefits but you are not so keen on a high structure? Then what you need is a low height enclosure. Thanks to the side sliding door you can comfortably enter your pool while the enclosure is fully closed. We use lockable sliding doors (no need to lift anything up or do any other difficult operation) With the the low design you can enjoy the garden view and all the benefits of enclosed pool - swimming under the structure while the weather is not so pleasant and on hot days simply slide the enclosure off the pool and have open swimming pool.


Medium-height line designs provide widely applicable enclosure solutions that do not hinder the view of the landscape or garden surrounding the pool. Additionally, they allow not only for swimming comfort under a fully covered pool, but also – thanks to their higher structural design – for free movement in the central part of the roofed area. The sliding system facilitates the smooth movement of the segments in both directions. If the surface guide rails are extended, the entire enclosure can be telescoped back behind the swimming pool area.


High enclosures are suitable for customer who would like to walk under the enclosure or even create lovely leisure space. Thanks to advanced sliding system you can slide individual segments in both directions (segments are not locked into each other - that way you can move each segment freely) In matter of minutes the whole enclosure can be retracted back away from the swimming pool area. When the segments are pushed together you can create a useful storage space that it is protected from wind and offers a convenient area for garden furniture or relaxation with family and friends.High pool enclosures provide you with freedom of movement around the enclosed pool making it perfect solution for sheltered swimming and sitting for family and friends.


We offer three models enclosures whirlpools always in two sizes. Choose which model would best suit for you, and learn more about its benefits. We will quickly add only few of them - cleaner water in hot tub, year round use, no need to worry about insects and leaves - what do you say ?


The CARPORT is an innovative product in the range of ALUKOV company products, a leading manufacturer of patio and pool enclosures. The construction is designed to fully comply with technical standards and also with the aesthetic design of modern architecture. CARPORT is a simple and elegant solution for protection of your car, quad bike, scooter or other parkable equipment against adverse weather conditions.


ALUKOV presents a revolutionary combination of its traditional products – swimming pools, patios, spa enclosures and now also carports with a way of producing clean energy for homes and businesses – solar canopies. This innovative technology makes it possible to extract energy from the sun directly from your roof.

Solar canopies from ALUKOV are not only environmentally friendly but also very efficient. They use the latest solar technology and are designed to maximise performance at minimum running costs. This also means that if you have limited space on the roof of your house, you can still increase the energy intake for your needs through new solar canopy.

ALUKOV has a team of experts with many years of experience in their business, so we can offer you free advice and a complete service from design to implementation and maintenance.

Solar canopies are the ideal solution for those who want to reduce their dependence on traditional energy sources and contribute to environmental protection. Get not only clean energy, but also independence from energy cost spikes.

Explore ALUKOV's range of solar canopies and let us help you change your energy future. 


Patio enclosures for restaurants, hotels and cafés extend your season to 365 days - now you can take advantage of your outside sitting in any weather any time of the year. This investment is worth it.





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