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Patio enclosure Pergola Venti

Patio enclosure Pergola Venti

We present you a unique and exclusive patio for terrace enclosures, multifunctional bioclimatic system PERGOLA VENTI. Thanks to the roof’s static resistance to snow, it is possible to use this patio system all year round. The multifunctional bioclimatic effect is mainly based on temperature regulation and air circulation in the inner space of the pergola. The temperature can be regulated by several independent systems. Through the openable transparent roof, the adjustable shading under the roof, the sliding side walls and also through the screening side blinds


Why Pergola Venti?

  • Custom made for your patio
  • Remote-controlled opening of the roof sections supports natural air ventilation
  • The integrated shading system is available in an electrically operated version
  • The variable design allows retrofitting with side sliding walls and other accessories such as LED light strips, screen blinds and more
  • Quick assembly, easy ordering
  • Solid thick-walled profiles
  • We provide expert installation, the system is also suitable for wooden buildings without loss of warranty
  • The enclosure is developed and manufactured by Alukov a. s. - Czech product





Closed roof Semi-opened roof Pergola Venti Opened roof - Pergola Venti



  • Integrated shading in the roof
  • Screening of glass walls - screen roller blind
  • Sliding glass walls - Clear system/ Frame system
  • Led strips 


Rolled up rolling blinds in Pergola Venti Partly rolled up rolling blinds in Pergola Venti Rolling blinds pulled down in Pergola Venti
Opened shading in the roof Partly opened shading in the roof of Pergola Venti Closed shading in the roof of Pergola Venti


Technical specification

We manufacture and assemble PERGOLA VENTI for you made to measure:

  • max. lenght 7m
  • max. width 4 m

Roofing options:

  • Polycarbonate 6 mm Kasiglas (increased scratch resistance) with UV protection
  • CONNEX 44.2 or 55.2 or 66.2 depending on the height of the pergola.


  • Durable aluminium construction

Colours of the profiles

Anthracite DB 703 Antique brown komaxit