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Clever solution of pool care

Pool enclosure Champion

Pool enclosure Champion

Pool Enclosure CHAMPION is suitable for every garden thanks to its modern design. It combines comfort, aesthetics and user-friendly features. Champion is one of the lowest enclosures on the market and lets the house architecture, the surrounding garden and the swimming pool itself stand out. The pool enclosure naturally becomes part of professional pool care as you will save on chemicals, pool cleaning, pool heating and there will be less evaporated water.

This telescopic pool cover has a stable lightweight construction for easy movement of all its parts. The transparent polycarbonate panels allow a perfect view of the pool even when closed. The high quality and durable profile colour enhances its overall appearance. CHAMPION enclosure is the perfect setting for pool in your garden.



  • Easy and quick instalation
  • Customized production
  • Unique pool enclosure with narrow guide rail
  • EASY MOVE handle ingeniously and practically integrated
  • The enclosure is designed as a platform for the future electrification of segment movement with ALUKOV Line electric engines



You can secure your pool enclosure against opening and closing with the help of the safety arrestments. It also helps the enclosure against sudden gusts of winds. Operation is fast and simple.

safety arrestments



We recommend to securely close the pool enclosure with the segment locks for winter. Your swimming pool will be securely closed and safe.

Locable security system



Skillfully integrated EASY MOVE handrail allows you to move the pool enclosure segments easily. The handle is always at hand. Just take it out of the holder, lock it in the bottom flap with a simple movement and you are ready to move.

EASY MOVE handle


Folded handle Extended handle
Folded handle Extended handle


Production series

  Width Lenght
Champion 38x80 max 4,25 m 6,33 m - 12,67 m
Champion 38x100 max 5,25 m 6,33 m - 12,67 m


Compact polycarbonate 4 mm thick


Construction color

Silver Anthracite


Download the catalogue of pool enclosures Champion and eChampion